Friday, 12 November 2010

Rachel Lisi 1970-2010

A dear friend of mine, Rachel Lisi, has passed away. I am deeply shocked and saddened. Rachel was one of the cover illustrators for Argotist Ebooks, and I’d known her since 2003. Over the years, she had been a true and loyal friend to me.

She was a great visual artist, with her photography and graphics, and also wrote poetry. Here is some of it:

She was always friendly and upbeat, never complaining about anything. She was working on her third cover for Argotist Ebooks but was unable to continue due to her illness. Here are the two covers she did do:

Her website of artwork, photography and poems can be found here:

From her introduction to the site:

'My name is Rachel Lisi. This small corner of cyber space allows me to share different things with you. For some time I have been following the crafts of photography and poetry finding many hills and valleys along the way. I am still trying to find the right path, but surrendering to the guidance of the day and night and every turn of my imagination. As always, I continue to evolve and learn within this circle of creating.'

I have asked her family if it is ok if I do an ebook of her poems and artwork as a tribute.

Here is a photomontage of Rachel on YouTube:

Tribute To Rachel Anne Lisi

Thank you Rachel for your friendship and generosity of spirit. I will miss you greatly.