Friday, 12 November 2010

Rachel Lisi 1970-2010

A dear friend of mine, Rachel Lisi, has passed away. I am deeply shocked and saddened. Rachel was one of the cover illustrators for Argotist Ebooks, and I’d known her since 2003. Over the years, she had been a true and loyal friend to me.

She was a great visual artist, with her photography and graphics, and also wrote poetry. Here is some of it:

She was always friendly and upbeat, never complaining about anything. She was working on her third cover for Argotist Ebooks but was unable to continue due to her illness. Here are the two covers she did do:

Her website of artwork, photography and poems can be found here:

From her introduction to the site:

'My name is Rachel Lisi. This small corner of cyber space allows me to share different things with you. For some time I have been following the crafts of photography and poetry finding many hills and valleys along the way. I am still trying to find the right path, but surrendering to the guidance of the day and night and every turn of my imagination. As always, I continue to evolve and learn within this circle of creating.'

I have asked her family if it is ok if I do an ebook of her poems and artwork as a tribute.

Here is a photomontage of Rachel on YouTube:

Tribute To Rachel Anne Lisi

Thank you Rachel for your friendship and generosity of spirit. I will miss you greatly.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Pirene's Fountain Feature

Pirene's Fountain has a feature on Jake Berry and myself:

My thanks to editor Ami Kaye for all the work she's put into this during the past year.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Interview with me at Fieralingue

I was pleased to be asked by Anny Ballardini to take part in a series of interviews with poetry publishers at Fieralingue:


Q: Are there any parameters by which you understand the political correctness of a literary work? Could you please describe them? Could you give some examples based on the books you published?

A: I can’t really answer the question, as I don’t believe that poetry that thinks of itself as political is of any urgent relevance to the aesthetics of poetry, which has always been my main concern. I assume that some of those poets who write what they call political poetry hope it will have some interest philosophically, if nothing else. Few would expect it to bring about political change.

The failure of the high profile and well-supported political protest song “movement” in the USA in the 1960s should be an indication that if such a popular and internationally well-publicised mass movement as that failed, then certainly “political” poetry (avant-garde or otherwise) has little hope of success.

Q: With the general economic crisis that has hit not only the U.S.A., what is your forecast on the future of the book?

A: I think the future of printed books will be that they will still be available but for mainly archival purposes, and for collectors of beautiful objects. There may also be a market for them as gifts for special occasions such as weddings, christenings and other rights of passage celebrations. But as a utility, printed books will be used rarely when devises such as Kindle become as ubiquitous and as affordable as digital wristwatches.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Published Email Correspondence

Otoliths have published Outside Voices: An Email Correspondence, which is a series of emails between poet Jake Berry and myself. Here is the publisher's description:

‘This 18-month transatlantic email correspondence between Jake Berry and Jeffrey Side ranges across and intertwines a variety of topics that include: poetry and music; film and TV; the changes in culture over the past few decades; the differences in regional U.S. and U.K. accents; the difficulty of reaching the famous in order to interview them; the songwriter as poet and vice versa.’

It's available to purchase here:

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Cyclones in High Northern Latitudes

Thanks to Bill Lavender of Lavender Ink books, a collaborative poem by Jake Berry and myself called Cyclones in High Northern Latitudes (with drawings and cover art by Rich Curtis) is now available as a book at Amazon.

More information about it can be found here:


Her dignity
could not be effaced
by the quality
of her clothes.
I knew this
back near the border
when I was not satisfied.
I recommend highly
a new approach
to the situation.
Such was the time
spent together.
What could I offer her
that would not
betray her?
Money was cold comfort,
bleak as the weather.
There would be
half a smile
and polite rejection
and words
beneath her breath
in a language
not spoken since
a time
before words
were written.
All this
I tell you now.
A time
there was
when such
could not be broached.
Not even
by those
whose position
it was to assist.
Why do I
go on this way?

Monday, 8 March 2010