Sunday, 11 April 2010

Cyclones in High Northern Latitudes

Thanks to Bill Lavender of Lavender Ink books, a collaborative poem by Jake Berry and myself called Cyclones in High Northern Latitudes (with drawings and cover art by Rich Curtis) is now available as a book at Amazon.

More information about it can be found here:


Her dignity
could not be effaced
by the quality
of her clothes.
I knew this
back near the border
when I was not satisfied.
I recommend highly
a new approach
to the situation.
Such was the time
spent together.
What could I offer her
that would not
betray her?
Money was cold comfort,
bleak as the weather.
There would be
half a smile
and polite rejection
and words
beneath her breath
in a language
not spoken since
a time
before words
were written.
All this
I tell you now.
A time
there was
when such
could not be broached.
Not even
by those
whose position
it was to assist.
Why do I
go on this way?