Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Linda Thompson Appeal

I have just heard that Linda Thompson, singer-songwriter and former singing partner to Richard Thompson, is having some difficulty funding her next album due to various changes in the music industry, which some of us regret. She has set up an appeal for funding at a site called The Hector Fund (a site which is something of an innovation in these matters). Her page on the site can be found here:

Linda says:

“I’d like your help. I’m trying to raise money so I can record the music, and be able to pay the excellent musicians, engineers and studios a fair wage and release the album to the public. So I am asking for financing - not charity (please save that for a more worthy cause) - but a business transaction. You, the audience, put up some money and I return the favor by sending you the music and much, much more!

I’m trying to raise $50,000 to cover ALL of the costs associated with independently producing, manufacturing and marketing an album in today’s marketplace.

When I started playing music in the sixties and seventies, we shared everything– perhaps some things we shouldn’t have. I’d like to return to a little bit of that spirit now. You the audience can share in the experience of making my record with me and be the first to hear it when its done - and I get to stick it to “the man” (whoever passes for the ‘man’ these days) by working outside of the system.”

Having been a fan of Linda and Richard for many years, I think it is a disgrace that someone who has contributed so much musically over the years has to be put in a position whereby she has to resort to financial help from fans and public alike. It just goes to show the appalling state of the music business, which even in the folk/country genre is only thinking of the bottom dollar.

So I hope some of you will help Linda, and, as she says, don’t think of it as charity but more as sponsorship.